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Posted by on December 10, 2014

deafheavenfontBecause of their seamless integration of shoegaze and black metal, Deafheaven topped quite a few best of 2013 lists with their sophomore album, Sunbather. The success of the band, not to mention the design of the band’s album cover, has led to many grousing about just how “metal” the band is. It’s a pretty dumb conversation to have, but the “hipster metal” tag the band’s picked up over the past few years is unlikely to go away if the band continues to release things for sale like an $85 blanket or the “Sunbather” font. Yes, you can now pick up the “Sunbather” typeface for only $30. It’s a pretty cool font design, especially if you’re a typography geek, but it’s no Iron Maiden font as far as we’re concerned. Here’s what the description of the font, designed by Touche Amore’s Nick Steinhardt, says on the All Black Recording Company‘s website:

For the first time commercially available, the official “Sunbather” typeface in 3 weights – Book, Bold, and Black.

“Sunbather” is a stenciled flare-serif display face inspired by bright light and dissipating legibility. Referencing similar historical type experiments by Jan Tschicold, it questions the mind to connect what the eyes cannot see when the thinnest strokes of a didone font evaporate. The results were then finely tapered and sharpened to create a stern and angular mood when set in text or large words.

“Sunbather Book” was originally designed for Deafheaven’s acclaimed 2013 album cover, with the “Bold” weight crafted for use in smaller text, song titles, and throughout the packaging, print and web campaign. The “Black” weight is the most recent addition, created to round out the suite.

Free download of “Sunbather Book” with all Deafheaven blanket or poster purchases, or all 3 weights for $30.

Designed by Nick Steinhardt (23in)

The good news is that if you want to buy the font and haven’t picked up a  blanket yet, the purchase of one will come with a free font download.

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