Metal Insider High Res squareAs 2014 draws to a close, we check in with the Metal Insider staff to see what new albums got them the most excited. Metal Insider’s contributors have been listing their top ten albums of 2014. We’ve heard from BramZachKodi, MattNick, ChipAnthony, Chris and Seth. Now it’s time for Zach Fehl’s list of what he listened to the most this year. We’ll be compiling all of our lists into one master list and presenting you our top ten albums of 2014 later this week. 





EluveitieAlbumOriginsCover10) Eluveitie, Origins

Ah folk metal. I love the use of instruments you don’t typically hear with aggressive music, and the lore within the songs always fascinated me. While they certainly did not break any boundaries with this release, it’s as solid as anything they’ve ever done. Not to mention, their hurdy-gurdy player/vocalist Anna Murphy is adorable.

Key Track: “King


cabaretrunaway9) Cabaret Runaway, Humanities Insanties

Not only am I good friends with these guys, but they write some awesome music. Their sound, influenced by the dark, carnival-esque tone of a cabaret, is the perfect fit to the lyrical themes of questioning God, capturing the mind of a teenage psychopath and writing nerdy things about an anime called DeathNote. Their second EP really exemplified how far they’ve come as writers and players since their first one, any they only seem to be growing.

Key track: “Apples


pellek8) PelleK, Cloud Dancers

I love PelleK as an artist for many reasons; this is self-released, he wrote and plays all of the instrument parts, and he does so many fun covers! Although it only officially came out a few days ago, he gave out digital copies of the album alongside the completion of the PledgeMusic pre-orders last month and I’ve been really enjoying it. He really made the attempt to write the most diverse album he’s written to date; with some of the happiest sounding metal you’ll ever hear (Carillon Canticle). Listen for the Angra influences, they’re his favorite band.

Key Track: “Cloud Dancers” or “Battle Supreme”