existren7) The Existential Gentlemen, I. Ethos

It’s a rare occurrence when a band hands you a CD at a concert and it turns out good, let alone one of your favorite albums of the year. I was skeptical until I noticed all the Lovecraft references under the cover, but mixed with their sound of a Victorian hard rock, and a vocalist that channels his inner Matt Barlow, I’ve been absolutely hooked. They’ve got their second EP coming early 2015.

Key Track: “Devil in the White City


iced earth6) Iced Earth, Plagues of Babylon

This being their second album with vocalist Stu Block, he’s had more of a chance to come into his own in the band. He’s done his part, and became the 3rd, and final singer to be a part of their now completed Something Wicked Saga, that has spanned the course of four albums. The epic conclusion is nothing but dark, a fitting following up to Dystopia, as well as six stand-alone songs, including a western, a Lovecraftian horror, and a country cover.

Key Track: “Cthulhu


Spacepolicebyedguy5) Edguy, Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

This one really surprised me on release. I knew of Edguy, I liked some tracks, but I was always more of an Avantasia fan because I felt the songs always felt more serious (see: Lavatory Love Machine). There was something about Space Police that blended the cheese and satire that is distinctively Edguy (see: Love Tyger) a cover of Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus, and what could have easily fit an Avantasia album with The Eternal Wayfarer. Oh yeah, those bonus tracks are no joke either, England may have Steve Harris, but Germany has Edguy!

Key Track: “Do Me Like a Caveman