Cro-Mags Suing Harley Flanagan, Webster Hall

Posted by on June 27, 2013

Age of quarrel indeed. About a year ago, the inaugural CBGB Festival was marred by violence when Cro-Mags bassist Harley Flanagan stabbed a current member of the band and a friend of the band shortly before they were to perform at Webster Hall. Flanagan was arrested, spending six days in Riker’s Island, the charges against him were dropped late last year, and the story ended, right? Wrong. The New York Post reports that Michael Couls and William Berardo, the two that were stabbed last year, are suing both Flanagan and Webster Hall for last year’s attack.

The suit claims that Flanagan gained access to the VIP area “because the hall failed to hire sufficiently trained security” personnel. According to the Post, Flanagan was unaware he was being sued. He contends that he was invited backstage, then jumped, and was only acting in self-defense. It’s unspecified what Couls and Berardo are seeking in damages, but it’s tough to imagine anyone in the Cro-Mags is rolling in dough.

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