KISS and make app; band launches “KISS Photo Bomb”

Posted by on April 3, 2014

KISSphotobombDavid Draiman isn’t the only one that can jump into the tech game. In fact, just today, KISS launched KISS Photo Bomb, a free app for Apple and Android. It doesn’t sound like anywhere near as much of a game changer as ‘Wingman,’ mainly because we can understand exactly what KISS Photobomb is. Basically, you can put  KISS members in your pictures. Want Gene Simmons’ tongue in your mouth? That can be arranged. Want to put facepaint on without having to wash your face afterwards? That’s what this app is for. In fact, you can even use KISS emoticons in your text messaging.

The app, which was made by Bare Tree Media in conjunction with Live Nation Merchandise, is free. However, to unlock some of the overlays, you’ll have to shell out some cash, which isn’t all the surprising, seeing as nothing’s truly free in the KISS world. We haven’t gotten that much time to play around with it yet, but look below for a quick shot of some of  the Metal Insider staff derpin’ out with the band. Also, here’s KISS’ quote:

“We are excited to expand the KISS experience to our mobile fans.  KISS PHOTO BOMB will rock the charts with fans around the world!

You can download the app here.

KISS hangs with Metal Insider


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