Was Van Halen Even Supposed To Appear At The Grammy Nomination Show?

Posted by on December 2, 2011

In the beginning of November, it seemed like a sure bet that Van Halen was the “iconic group” making a special announcement at the Grammy Nomination Shows. Well, the show took place this past Wednesday, and Diamond Dave was nowhere to be found. Another disappointment for Van Halen fans. However, many sources are reporting The Beach Boys were actually the no-show who were supposed to announce their reunion. In fact, many are now claiming that The Grammys never even reached out to Van Halen.

If you’re like us, then you’re probably asking “Wait, what about the Grammys’ anything but subtle tweet?” Well according to Rolling Stone, The Recording Academy’s tweet intended to link to an article on Hitfix guessing Van Halen was the reunited band. In other words, The Grammys simply meant to retweet a gossip story (along with a few Van Halen song titles) merely to get people talking. Instead, though, everyone took the tweet as confirmation that Van Halen was the promised reunited band.

So here we are, with yet another Van Halen rumor squashed. While it’s easy to say that we all jumped to conclusions pretty fast, The Grammys didn’t necessarily help matters either with their tweet. But we guess the joke is on them, since not only did The Grammys annoy a crap load of Van Halen fans, but the big announcement from an “iconic reunited group” they promised never happened either. And while this goes to show that you have to take anything in regards to Van Halen news with a grain of salt, this picture makes it safe to assume that something is going down in the Van Halen camp. Then again, The Grammy tweet looked like a sure thing as well.

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