So It Looks Like Van Halen Will Be Performing At The Grammys

Posted by on November 4, 2011

We’ve been hearing rumors and gossip about a new album and tour from Van Halen for a while now. But it looks like we know for sure what David Lee Roth and the band will be doing on November 30. In a press release for Grammy Nominations Concert Live, it was revealed that a “a truly iconic group” will be making an announcement about “their historic band reunion set to take place on the Grammy stage on Feb. 12, 2012.”

Well shortly after releasing the press release, the Grammys prove that they suck at keeping a secret via the following tweet:

“Who do u predict the reuniting band will be @ #GRAMMYnoms?http://grm.my/vH7p3Y Does this hint make u wanna ‘Jump’ & ‘Dance the Night Away’?”

Yup, they pretty much blurted out that Van Halen is the band they’re talking about in the press release. So not only do we know for certain (unless there’s another “historic band” that sang songs called “Jump” and “Dance The Night Away”) that they’ll be making an appearance at Grammy Nominations Concert Live event, but also that Van Halen will be performing at the 54th annual Grammy ceremony. Although, unless Michael Anthony is returning to the group (doubtful), we’re not sure that this a “reunion” as it is the first time the band has performed since 2007.

Nonetheless, this is pretty cool news to hear since it basically means that a new Van Halen album will be released in the near future. However, the “surprise” won’t be officially revealed until November 30 on CBS during the  Grammy Nominations Concert Live, where the nominees for this coming year’s Grammys will also be announced and will include performances from Lady Gaga and a bunch of other artists you probably don’t care about.

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