Neil Fallon weighs in on cell phones at concerts

Posted by on October 9, 2014

Clutch vocalist Neil Fallon recently did an interview with Pop Culture Madness, and he spoke a bit about cell phone use at concerts.

“Music recorded is a static thing. Every time you listen to ‘Four Sticks’ by Led Zeppelin, it’s gonna sound the same, but if you have the opportunity to see a band, that live experience — unless they use a lot of pre-recorded tracks — is gonna be a one-time event. And if you’re spending your time [at the show holding up your phone and filming the concert], you’re not participating in it. At least that’s the way I feel. I kind of treat concerts the way I do a dinner — turn your phone off, you know.”

Like Nile’s Karl Sanders, seeing people on phones bums out Fallon, which is a totally valid point. Attention spans are short, and it can be disheartening getting people to your show and facing a sea of cell phones instead of faces.

The segment starts at about the 4:23 mark.


That attitude is a bit different than, say, KEN mode, who caused a stir last December:

“If you stand in front of us and text while we are performing expect to either be bathed in quite directed mucous or have your phone kicked from your hands by a man with a guitar or bass in his hands.”

(via Metal Injection)

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