Five things Escape the Fate learned recording ‘Chemical Warfare’ during COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by on April 6, 2021


Escape the Fate are gearing up for their new album, Chemical Warfare, out April 16th via Better Noise Music (pre-order here). We asked Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft to list five things he learned recording an album during the COVID-19 pandemic.  


01) I love being in the studio and creating music. The pandemic forced me to become a full-time audio professional and fortunately led me to working with Travis Barker as an engineer. I’ve been extremely blessed to work with MGK on the No.1-charting Tickets to My Downfall, Blink-182, Trippie Redd, Grandson, and more.

02) That being said, I’m truly grateful for my time I’ve spent touring all over the world. At one point, ETF were averaging 200+ shows a year. Sometimes, the touring could be grueling and stressful, but looking back, I don’t regret a moment out there meeting fans, performing, and seeing the world.

03) I realized that the fans are truly what makes Escape the Fate special. Their support through the pandemic and seeing them on Twitch streams has really brought us closer. You can follow me at

04) Our album wasn’t totally disrupted by the pandemic as we usually work long hours in the studio and being someone who really digs into our albums, I was able to record everything I needed to on this. Due to Robert not being able to be there the whole time, we were able to open up our collaboration with Travis Barker to assist on some drum recording.

05) The most important thing I’ve learned during this pandemic is to really appreciate the little things in life and see the bright side. Always be ready for anything and be able to pivot when the world shuts down. Hope to see the fans soon !! XO Thrasher



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