Six Year Old Avery Is “Hot For Teacher”

Posted by on April 5, 2013


Noisecreep was the first to bring this to our attention, but there’s a six year-old drummer that’s probably better than you. Avery Molek has only been drumming for four years, but when you consider that’s 2/3rds of his life, it makes sense why he’s so good. Avery either has parents that are shaping everything he says and does or he likes some pretty good rock. His website claims that he loves “KISS and rock.” At least he knows that KISS don’t rock. He also digs Alex Van Halen, or at least enough to shred Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher,” which came out 24 years before he was born. Doesn’t look like he’s just tied to rock though. Along with him drumming along to Motley Crue and Jimi Hendrix, he also covers FloRida’s “Whistle,” and is probably way too young to know what the song is actually about (hint, the whistle is his PENIS). At any rate, he’ll either be drumming for Slayer in five years or discover video games, girls or country music and give up the drums in a few years in a fit of rebellion against his parents.


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