Drums For Dethalbum III Are Recorded

Posted by on June 8, 2012

While we knew that it’s been in the works, there’s finally some more news on the long-awaited third album from Dethklok. Drummer Gene Hoglan tweeted that the drums are done for the album. With Brendon Small already having the album, or at least parts of it, ready, we’d assume they’re in the home stretch. Hoglan is an absolute machine, and we’re envisioning that he did the whole album in one take with no overdubs. If he’s stoked about it, then we are too! The band will be on the road with Lamb of God starting in August, so the album will probably be finished by then. We’re hearing it will come out in October, but there’s no official confirmation on that. Regardless, it’s definitely the most anticipated record from an animated band that’s coming out this year.

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