Proof That Dethklok’s Third Album Is Definitely In The Works

Posted by on May 14, 2012

In addition to working on Metalocalypse’s fourth season, co-creator Brendon Small self-released his first solo project Galaktikon last month. However, Small has still (somehow) found time to work on Dethklok’s third album. And while he previously said that he hoped to have Dethalbum III out this year, a new tweet and picture confirms that we will indeed hear new music from everyone’s favorite animated death metal group.

In addition to posting the picture above, Small tweeted the following caption:

“Uh oh…. Look at this file I just created…”

Granted, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that another Dethklok album is coming out, especially considering how successful the first two were. And it would also be good timing to release it sometime this year, since a new season of Metalocalypse is airing on Adult Swim now. Plus, a new album would explain why the live version of Dethklok is touring with Lamb Of God and Gojira this Summer. We may still not know when we’ll get to hear new music from Dethklok, but recording likely won’t take as long to finish as it normally does on the show.

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