If you have a car from the early ’90s, a stereo system from the ’80s, or a boombox, you’re in luck. If not, then you might want to stock up on a portable cassette player to play that limited edition Sword cassette. Sony has announced that they’ll be discontinuing the production of their latest cassette player/recorder. Granted, it’s hard to remember the last time anyone might have had a legitimate need for a cassette player, but as of January 2013, the Sony TCM-410, TCM-400 and TCM-450 will be discontinued. Sure, you can buy another brand, but considering Sony pioneered (no pun intended) the cassette Walkman (which they also discontinued a few years ago), if you want to pay homage to the kings of 1980’s portable listening, you’ll have a limited window of time to do so.

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