Buy Sword Album On Declining Medium, Get It Free On Obscure One

Posted by on September 18, 2012

Given The Sword’s not-that-secret ’70s worship, they probably wish the only format you could buy their albums on were vinyl and 8 track. However, with their fourth album, Apocryphon, coming out on October 22, fans will be able to pick the album up in another retro format. Through a partnership with independent music stores and Record Store Day, fans that pick the album up on CD or vinyl will also receive a free, limited edition hand numbered copy of the album on cassette. So if you haven’t replaced the stereo in your 1985 Pontiac Fiero, you can take out that copy of Pyromania that’s been in there for the last two decades and drive in style.

We suspect that most people will probably want this as a cool collectible item, since only 34,000 cassette tapes total were sold in 2009 and most people don’t have a cassette player any more. But you’ve gotta hand it to Razor & Tie and The Sword for knowing what their fans want.

To find the nearest record store participating in this, go to www.mymetalclub.com or www.recordstoreday.com. And to check out where the band will be playing this Fall, click here.

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