Wacken Fest 2011, Day Two: Metal And Wrestling, What A Lovely Combo

Posted by on August 5, 2011

Damn it, we wish we were at the Wacken Open Air Festival! Lucky for us, our publicist buddy Jon Freeman from Freeman Promotions offered to do some guest blogging for us. Just like Day 1, Jon seemed to consume his fair share of beer and metal madness during the festival’s second day. Oh, and he got to see some awesome bands live. Check out his “report” from Wacken Fest Day 2 down below.

Wacken: Day 2

Today I come to you from the hot as hell press tent.  There’s a band playing now, which is pretty cool, but I am sweating my ass off, and there is no beer in my hand.  Something is wrong with this picture for sure.  Anyway enough of my bitching, and let’s talk more about Wacken.

When we left off, I was heading over to see Ozzy play on the True Metal Stage.  But before I went there, we went to the Bullhead City Wrestling Tent and watched a wrestling match.  Wrestling at Wacken???  Yes there sure is.  There were some solid matches, but the best of all was watching Herman ze German destroy some other German guy whose name I didn’t catch.  Anyway, wrestling and metal mix quite well together, and they know that here as they also have a stage in the wrestling tent.  In fact, Girlschool will be playing there tomorrow at noon.

Ok, now back to Ozzy. Although he played a shorter set then most had hoped, he sounded pretty good and the band was spot on.  After Ozzy it was time to drink some more.  We winded up in the VIP area hanging out with the guys from The Quill and Eat the Gun and had too many beers to count.  Definitely a great way to cap off the evening.  After a drunken stumble/walk back to the tent, it was time to sleep.  We met some cool people from Switzerland, and actually had another beer with them before we crashed for the night. Of course, it fucking rained again and of course the tent got wet again.  Oh well, the joys of camping.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of people stumbling around and drinking already.  It was a little too early for me to start, so we went and had breakfast and then explored the Metal Market.  Then it was ok to start drinking beer.  We started off the music for the day with a killer set from Suicidal Tendencies.  They were followed immediately by Morbid Angel, who put on a great show as expected.  The crowd was really into it as well.

After Morbid, it was bathroom time again (all that beer, makes you pee).  And of course I go looking for a paper towel again and the other person in the bathroom couldn’t find a paper towel either.  That person ended up being Tom Angelripper from Sodom.  Why do I keep meeting all these people in the bathroom?  Fucking weird… Anyway, he was a nice guy and we talked a bit and said we would meet up for beers after their set.

Then it was time to head over to the press tent to see Eat the Gun, an awesome up and coming band from Germany on Metalville Records.  They tore through their set and we tore out of there to catch Sodom on the True Metal Stage.  They opened with the title track from their latest release In War and Pieces and played a one hour blistering set of Sodom classics.

I guess that kind of brings me to where we are now.  Sweating like crazy in the press tent, hungry for food, but I will more than likely suppress the hunger with some Beck’s (The Official Beer of Wacken) and maybe some bratwurst later.  There is more great music on tap for tonight, including Suidakra, Judas Priest, Airbourne, Skindred and Shraphead to name a few.  If I can stay awake, I may even check out Apocalyptica at 2am.  Guess that depends on the amount of alcohol intake.  Ok, I am tired of writing now, so I am going to go grab a bier (that’s how they spell it in German) and go watch some more music.

More updates to come.

-A slightly more sober Freeman at Wacken…

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