Metallica performed at Glastonbury, had the best response towards critics

Posted by on June 29, 2014

metallica glastonburyGlastonbury caused a lot of outrage for booking Metallica as one of this year’s headliners. Yet despite the hate, Metallica not only went on to play the festival last night (June 28), but also found a way to poke fun at all the flak they’ve received.

First, Metallica sold a shirt at the festival specifically made for the UK festival. As you can see in the image above, the front of the shirt features the word “Glastallica” at the top written in the classic Metallica logo font, while the back included quotes of the some the more negative responses to Metallica’s Glastonbury booking. These quotes included choice words made by members of Artic Monkeys and Mogwai (even Rob Halford’s critique made it onto the shirt).

But that wasn’t the only way they called out critics. Before taking the stage, Metallica played a Julien Temple-directed intro video showing a traditional British fox hunt where all four band members played hunt saboteurs, disguised a bears, and killing hunters. As in direct as it may have been, it was certainly a nice little “screw off” to those protesters demanding Metallica be kicked off the bill because of James Hetfield’s involvement with The Hunt, a History TV series about hunting bear in Alaska.

You can watch the intro video/jab at protesters, as well a video of Metallica’s entire set at Glastonbury below.



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