Maryland Deathfest for 2024 kicked off last night (22nd) with a pre-fest event including a ninety-minute set from Sodom and acts such as Midnight, Atheist, Melechesh, and more. While we’re currently attending the event, the organizers have already started to announce what’s in store for their special 20th anniversary year, MDF XX, making it tempting to return once again. The first wave of bands for 2025, taking place on May 22-25, will include:

Altar of Gore
Asphyx (Netherlands)
Benediction (UK)
Caustic Wound
Cripple Bastards (Italy)
Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)
Dark Funeral (Sweden)
Human Artifacts
Kampfar (Norway)
Obituary (Cause of Death 35th anniversary set)
Orange Goblin (UK)
Paradise Lost (UK) – (Draconian Times 30th anniversary set)
Primitive Warfare
Psudoku (Norway)
Shape of Despair (Finland)
Skepticism (Finland)
Unleashed (Sweden)