Yesterday, we reported on drummer Joey Jordison “confirming” to that a new Slipknot album was already in the works. But we warned you that until the entire band released a joint statement, nothing should be seen as set in stone. And this is the reason why….

Shortly after our post, singer Corey Taylor shot down Jordison’s report via his Twitter account. Taylor, who has been the most vocal about being unsure about the band’s future, tweeted the following:

“Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me be clear. I have NO PLANS to make a new Slipknot album anytime soon. Shows? Maybe. Album? No.

As for Joey’s comments, he took that on himself to say that in print. I can think of five people in this band who haven’t written/heard a thing.”

It’s understandable why Taylor wouldn’t be ready to move forward with Slipknot. In addition to still healing from the loss of a band member, he and guitarist Jim Root are still touring behind Stone Sour. It wouldn’t be fair to start speculating on what this means for Slipknot, for there’s much more emotional baggage attached to this. However, this whole thing is beginning to show signs of turning ugly. Hopefully this is a simple miscommunication that won’t tear apart a band that has already been through enough pain in the past few months. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, don’t expect any official Slipknot plans any time soon.