Jordison Claims Slipknot Is Already Working On New Music

Posted by on December 1, 2010

We reported back in August about how the members of Slipknot have been sharing different views on the band’s future. Drummer Joey Jordison has been saying that there will be a new Slipknot album, while singer Corey Taylor and Jim Root (both of Stone Sour) are less sure about moving forward without bassist Paul Gray (who passed away last June). In an interview with Billboard.com, though, Jordison has given more insight into the band’s future. He claims that the band has already begun demoing new songs and expects to be in the studio during the first half of 2011. He further adds that Slipknot will not be replacing the late bassist in the studio nor on stage, opting to have a bassist play behind the drum kit on stage.

Jordison had the following to say in the Billboard.com piece:

“It’s definitely exciting. It’s a little emotional, of course, but I think it’s going to be really, really cool and I think it’s gonna be a really, really great record because everyone’s really involved in the process.

It’s going to be a little interesting, but I think it’s gonna be a healing process for all of us. Slipknot is not going anywhere. We’re a family, and losing a family member sucks. You can’t help that, but you need to move on, and I think that what we’re gonna do might be the most powerful thing that we’ve ever created.”

While Jordison seems to be very confident about Slipknot’s future, this should still be taken with a grain of salt. Not only does Taylor still remain unsure when asked in the press, but also keep in mind that Stone Sour will be on the road for at least the first two months of 2011, and presumably more depending on how much longer they plan to tour behind Audio Secrecy. It could be possible that Jordison meant to say that some of the band will enter the studio early next year, while the others may join them at a later point after fulfilling other commitments. That would seem to be more likely than Slipknot continuing on without Taylor and Root. But then again, this is all speculation. Like we said before, until the band releases a joint statement together, don’t believe that anything is set in stone.

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