It’s a tough time for the members of Slipknot. Some of them have been able to keep themselves busy with other projects, but I can only imagine how the tragic loss of bassist Paul Gray back in May is still hitting them all pretty hard. Nonetheless, Slipknot’s future has been a topic of discussion lately, more so for some members than others.

Drummer Joey Jordison, who has been touring with Rob Zombie in addition to promoting The Murderdolls’ new album, has been saying in interviews that the band will definitely record a new album while opting not to replace Gray. In a recent interview with The Pulse Of Radio, though, Jordison revealed that steps have already began to be made regarding a new album.

Jordison says:

“Shawn (Crahan) just came out, the ‘Clown,’ he just came out to the Mayhem festival, and we sat down and we talked and we’re starting to map out the game plan right now. So there is another Slipknot record already kinda in the making. You know, we’re getting timelines set and, you know, it’s gonna be a little bit but there’s definitely another record. Paul would always want us to make another record. He wouldn’t want the band to stop — Slipknot was his life.”

Singer Corey Taylor, though, seems to be singing a different tune. Taylor, who is currently making the rounds with Stone Sour, has been saying that it’s simply too soon to say. Most recently, Taylor explained to England’s NME TV, “None of us can even fathom what to do yet. But as soon as we do, the world will be the first to know. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just like, how do you do what makes sense when such a big piece of that puzzle is gone?” Guitarist (and fellow Stone Sour member) Jim Root has shared Taylor’s feelings as well in recent interviews.

It is a bit surprising to see members give two opposing insights on their band’s future. However, it should be kept in mind that Taylor and Root’s main focus at the moment is on Stone Sour. This is not to say that the two care for one more than the other, or even that Jordison may be speaking too soon. But with Stone Sour’s Audio Secrecy coming out in September, of course they’re not going to risk upstaging the new album with too much talk about the next potential Slipknot album. The entire band is surely struggling through their loss (which is obvious from their gut wrenching press conference), and each has their own way of handling their pain. Whatever the future may hold for Slipknot, hopefully they are taking enough time to heal.