Only In Vegas Could Vince Neil Receive A Lifetime Achievement Award

Posted by on June 29, 2011

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that Motley Crue singer Vince Neil will be receiving the “Lifetime Achievement In Rock ‘N’ Roll” award at Vegas Rocks! Magazine’s award show. Neil will be given the award on August 21 in the main showroom of the Las Vegas Hilton.

Before we ask “Hmm…what?,” let’s let Vegas Rocks! Magazine publisher Sally Steele explain why Mr. Neil is receiving such a honor. In a statement for the Las Vegas Sun, Steele said the following:

“We will be honoring Vince with the Lifetime Achievement in Rock ‘N’ Roll” award, and there is no one that deserves it more than Vince.

Vince has done so much over the years for charity since he has lived here in Las Vegas and done so many events that has made this town buzz with excitement. It is especially a thrill to me personally to present this award to Vince, since I started this publication seven years ago to honor and glorify my favorite band Motley Crue.

We are also planning on having a secret special guest present Vince’s award to him with me, so stay tuned!”

Guess this just goes to show that even if you’ve served time in jail for multiple DUIs (one of which actually killed someone) and have been accused of fighting with an ex during a comedy show, you can still be eligible for a lifetime achievement award in Las Vegas. Sure, Neil has done a lot of charity work. However, we’re talking about someone who can’t even earn an AA sobriety chip. Maybe that wouldn’t be a big deal if he was just a casual drinker, but as we’ve seen through his recent actions, he’s anything but that. Oh well.

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