At Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, you’re allowed to have any opinion you want, as long as Trump agrees with it. He has every right to remove hecklers from his rallies, as he has when Black Lives Matter protesters have disrupted them. Lately, however, protesters haven’t even had to make any noise to get removed from them. Recently, a Muslim woman, who was indeed a protester, was thrown out of a rally for wearing a head scarf and a green shirt that said “salam, I come in peace” without even saying anything. But according to several tweets and an article in Digital Music News, a man was thrown out of a recent Trump rally for having a sign that was critical of Trump, in that it said “Trump Likes Nickelback.”

There’s no proof that Trump does indeed like Nickelback, since making America great again doesn’t necessarily involve Canadian bands. However, after the below Tweet, a second one from another attendee noted that the sign had been taken away by a Trump campaign staffer. Rally attendees confirmed that the “heckler” was removed from the event by campaign officials. That either means that even Trump staffers hate Nickelback, or that Trump never made it as a wise man, and couldn’t cut it as a poor man stealing.