ted cruz likes nickelackWe know people don’t like mixing politics into their rock and metal news but we believe it is our duty to shed some light on this and pose the question: Do we really want someone like this in office?

A few weeks back, some guy got kicked out of a Donald Trump rally for holding up a sign saying “Trump likes Nickelback,” which is an aggravating enough accusation on its own. It seems like he’s not the only one who may enjoy some of the Canadians’ music, because a young protester in Iowa has been following president candidate Ted Cruz with a sign reading ” Ted Cruz likes Nickelback.”

The valiant man, who wants to remain unnamed, has taken on the task of making sure everyone knows about Cruz’ questionable taste in music, which we know is pretty terrible after he decided to stop listening to rock after 9/11. Aside from holding the sign, the man has been handing out Cruz’s Canadian birth certificate declaring:

“I just don’t want, really, a Canadian in office,” the protester told The Washington Post. “It seems like he’s got a lot of controversy behind him whether he’s a U.S.-born citizen or not and I’m just out here making a statement.”

The mysterious demonstrator has showed up to Cruz’ rallies wearing a Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform, planting small Canadian flags and a photo of Cruz’s face over a maple leaf.


Here are some of his appearances throughout the Hawkeye state:

To add more seasoning to the mix, Nickelback has taken notice on the guy’s efforts and posted the following in support of the protest:

But, when asked about his favorite Nickelback song, the protester told the Post, “I don’t like Nickelback.”

Something worth noting is that Nickelback is self-aware about people making fun of them and using them as the epitome of terrible choices. An interesting article in The Observer explains  why Nickelback-hating is a national pasttime. The trend started over 10 years ago by comedian and known metalhead Brian Posehn during a show called Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn aired on Comedy Central. After asking Posehn his thoughts on the study published on May 5, 2003 relating violent lyrics to violent behavior, Posehn answered:

“No one talks about the studies that show that bad music makes people violent, but listening to Nickelback makes me want to kill Nickelback.”

From there, the joke starting to catch on, expanding into the meme that is today, to which Nickelback have embraced to the fullest, as he mentioned on an interview with Blabbermouth back in 2014 saying:

“We are one of those bands that a lot of people think take themselves seriously, and no one—no one, and I know this is hard to believe—can make as much fun of us as we make fun of ourselves. And we are harsh. If you think the Internet’s rough, you should sit in a van with us. We are really harsh. We make up the best alternate lines to our own songs. And this is some top-shelf stuff.”

Good on you, Nickelback but please, stop making music soon.