Kid Rock’s new merch makes Ted Nugent look non-partisan

Posted by on December 8, 2016


So did you know that Kid Rock’s a Republican? You probably already did, actually, since the guy’s never been shy about his conservative  leanings. The alt-right press embraced him after he stated that he played Obama’s inauguration, but didn’t vote for him and stated “the country is more divided than ever.” One would think he might have voted for Donald Trump from that alone, but a visit to his merch store confirms that and more.

Apparently, emboldened by a photoshopped picture of him in a pro-Trump shirt, the singer said “overwhelming demand” led him to actually have some merch made. Looking for a holiday gift for your Second Amendment-supporting uncle who likes rappers with midgets in their posse (R.I.P. Joe C)? Pick him up a “God Guns & Trump” shirt. What’s that have to do with Kid Rock? We don’t really know! In fact, the vaguely racist shirt showing Red States as America and Blue states as “Dumbfuckistan” doesn’t have Kid’s name on it either. 


The “Make America Badass Again” hat makes sense, since Kid’s Metallica-sampling “American Badass” was a hit a long time ago. The below shirt is a perfect replacement for the “Trump That Bitch” shirt that your second cousin wore to a Trump rally. Now that the swamp is drained an The Donald is our President-elect, is the artist that wrote “Balls In Your Mouth” uniting America? Sure doesn’t seem that way – these shirts seem more divisive than ever. Stay classy, Kid.


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