Municipal Waste might not be Donald Trump fans

Posted by on January 7, 2016

Municipal-Waste-Trump-ShirtMunicipal Waste have always made pretty cool shirts, and while politics and metal don’t always mix, the band have unveiled a shirt that’s already getting them hatred from fans of Donald Trump. The graphic T-shirt features a rendering of the GOP Presidential candidate going all Budd Dwyer and blowing his brains out. What’s written on the back might be the best part: The only walls we build are walls of death. While the typical Trump fan might not know what that means, most metalheads do. As Metal Injection pointed out, it’s resulted in an immediate backlash from some fans on their Facebook page. Granted, the majority of those posting seem to be on board with the shirt, but there are some that are saying they’re done with the band forever. Of course, as we found out when we ran an interview with Randy Blythe, it doesn’t take much to get the anti-SJW crews’ panties in a bunch, so we’re sure some basement-dwellers are writing Municipal Waste off now.

If you want to pick up the shirt, you can do it here.

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