Man arrested for selling fake Black Sabbath tickets

Posted by on August 23, 2016


Are you going to see Black Sabbath’s final tour of the U.S. this summer? Not so fast. Even if you have tickets, if you bought them online, they might be fakes. That’s what some people found out the hard way, and a man has been arrested for selling fraudulent tickets online. In Maryland, 34 year-old Shannon Michael Seeber was arrested after a victim bought four tickets from Seeber for Sabbath’s August 21st show in Bristow, VA. The victim met Seeber in Elkridge, MD, and after finding out the hard way from Ticketmaster that the tickets weren’t real, called police. Howard Country police took over from there.

Through investigation, police developed Seeber as a suspect, located and arrested him. At the time of his arrest, Seeber was in possession of additional fraudulent tickets to multiple concerts, including Black Sabbath, Barbara Streisand, Drake and Adele. Several templates for United States Identification Badges, a handgun and suspected illegal drugs were also located in his vehicle.

At least this douchebag’s an equal opportunity offender, and was ripping off Babs and Drake fans, not just unsuspecting metalheads. It’s not known whether the fraud was relegated only to the Baltimore/Virginia area or not, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to buy tickets from people you know. Seeber was released on $35,000 bond, and probably won’t be doing this again any time soon.

[via CBS Baltimore]


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