GWAR headed to comics, and you can have the Bin Laden skull to prove it

Posted by on October 26, 2016



Do you like GWAR? Do you like comic books? Of course you do and today is your lucky day! Undisputed masters of the galaxy and scumdogs of the universe GWAR have announced that they are creating their own comic book series. They announced through their Facebook page on October 24 th that they have created a Kickstarter campaign to make this happen. The project, titled “Orgasmageddon” will depict the exploits of GWAR as they travel through time, spewing chaos and carnage along the way. If you understand how GWAR does things then you know that the story will need to beg raphic and violent.

Matt Miner, writer of Toe Tag Riot and Critical Hit, was called in to do just that. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know Miner better as the man who’s writing the Westboro Baptist Church said (and we are not making this up) “split hell wide open.” Joining him will be many other industry veterans including artist Jonathan Brandon Sawyer (Welcome Back, Critical Hit), colorist Marissa Louise (RoboCop, Escape from New York), letterer Taylor Esposito (The Paybacks, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and editor Brendan Wright (Archie vs. Predator, Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight). . With a lineup like this, it is hard to not expect good things to come from this project. With little of the actual story known, what we can already say with confidence is that this will have lots of killing, dinosaurs, and one very unhappy Donald Trump.

The Kickstarter has all kinds of awesome premiums for backers. A lot of people jumped on a sentimental item, a Bloody Pit of Horror poster signed by the band, including Oderus Urungus. The ten posters are already gone. However, you can get all kinds of other cool stuff, including GWAR tattoos and props including Osama Bin Laden’s skull and Mitt Romney’s head! Since launching on Monday, the Kickstarter has already acheived over $22,000 of it’s $39,000 goal, so it’s safe to say it’s going to be a success. There are locked stretch goals from $41,000 up to $55,000, so look for more details coming as those get unlocked, as it seems likely they will.


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