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Thanksgiving was last week, and another Black Friday has come and gone. Which means today, November 28, is none other than Cyber Monday. While most outlets use today as another way to capitalize on consumers trying to find sales on holiday gifts, music sellers tend to concentrate more on the week after Christmas, if not Thanksgiving Day proper. However, metal fans can still find some solid sales today. So with that in mind, we decided to list our Top 5 Cyber Monday metal sales of this year.


5. Books

You read stuff other than the internet, right ?Why not pick up a book for yourself or your loved ones? Amazon is definitely having some Cyber Monday sales. Although it came out last year, why not pick up Mosh Potatoes, from our friend Steve Seabury? It’s got some great recipes from metal bands in it (trust us, we tried some of them!).


4. Metal Magazines  

Both Revolver and Metal Hammer also want to make sure you have some reading material this holiday season. Revolver Magazine is giving a 30% discount off on everything in their online store (just use the code 30THANKS11), while Metal Hammer Magazine is giving a 35% discount on subscriptions. Now we know just the thing to get our feminist metalheads…or maybe not.

3. Instruments

What’s better to get a fan of heavy music for the holidays than some instruments to make music with? Sam Ash is having a sale today that’s discounting gear like Zildjian Cymbals, Gibson SGs, and Fender tube amps.




2. Your Favorite Bands

Got a band you’re into? Go to their web store, and you might be met with a one-day only deal. For example, visitors to Ronnie James Dio’s official website can get a free musical Christmas card  if they buy four. And you can get a free Adrenaline Mob EP if you buy a tour shirt at their web site. And while this isn’t on sale, you can pick up a limited edition handmade numbered “The Hunter” mask from Mastodon. Why bother with the augmented reality version when you can have the real thing?


1. Metal Label Deals

There are a few metal labels offering some nice sales at the moment. For instance, Stillborn Records is offering a 20% sale on certain items (like the one off to the side) via Martyr Records’ Online Store. Simply use the coupon code “blackfriday20” at checkout. Plus, Relapse Records is continuing their mega holiday sale, offering albums released prior to this year 50% off via their webstore. On top of that, though, Relapse has also been giving away one album a day for 21 cents after purchasing another record. Relapse’s 21 cent sale ends on Friday, December 2 (the same day our Relapse prize pack contest ends).

Honorary Mention: Hot Topic

Yes, the same Hot Topic where your tween cousin now obtains most of her Twighlight memorabilia from. And while most Hot Topics have actually started to sell less music related items, their online Cyber Monday “Buy 1 Music T-shirt, Get One 50% Off” sale includes lots of metal shirts. If it’s such a great sale, though, then why isn’t it in our Top 5? Well…it’s Hot Topic…



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