Metal Insider’s top 5: Bands that continued despite legal issues with members

Posted by on April 7, 2014

tobias sidegard5) Necrophobic vocalist Tobias Sidegard

Nothing throws a wrench in the works of promoting your new album like it coming to light that your singer is currently on trial for abusing his wife and children. In a story first uncovered by Metal Insider, Necrophobic’s vocalist Tobias Sidegard was found guilty of beating his children with a bullwhip. While there had been allegations of spousal abuse, that was thrown out of court. It was still enough to land him a six month prison sentence. With Womb of Lilithu slated to come out just a month after he was found guilty, the band moved on, making a statement condemning domestic violence. While the album was released with Sidegard’s vocals and the band stated they would replace him, they haven’t found another vocalist yet.

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