Metal Insider’s top 5: Bands that continued despite legal issues with members

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Coheed & Cambria / 20114) Coheed & Cambria bassist Mic Todd

If your band is set to take the stage at an arena opening for Soundgarden and your bassist decides to stop off at a Walgreens, that’s usually not a big deal. When said bassist decides to rob the Walgreens to get Oxycontin, that’s a little bit bigger of a problem. That’s the situation Coheed and Cambria shockingly found themselves in a few years ago when their bassist Michael Todd walked into an Attleboro pharmacy with a fake bomb.  The band were actually able to play the show that night without Todd, having a longtime associate of the band Wes Styles step in and play. The following month, the band officially announced they were moving on without Todd. While Coheed was no doubt surprised, Todd had left the band once before with drug issues, having taken a year hiatus in 2006 due to problems with heroin.

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