Tim Lambesis Granted New Bail Review Hearing

Posted by on May 17, 2013

A week after his first arraignment, Tim Lambesis has reportedly been granted a new bail review hearing later today in regards to his arrest for attempting to hire a hitman to kill his estranged wife. The As I Lay Dying singer’s attorney Anthony Salerno will attempt to have his client’s current bail amount of $3 million reduced at the hearing.

Lambesis’ attorney is expected to continue to argue that his client was indeed the victim of a setup.  An article run by the San Diego Reader quotes Salerno as saying “Tim never had the intention to harm his wife, absolutely not… This whole thing was a set-up by a scumbag snitch, and then law enforcement ran with it.” Salerno further went on to say that “Tim will have his day in court, and when he does he will be exonerated because a jury will see that in his heart Tim is a good, decent and Christian human being.”

In the first arraignment, prosecutor Claudia Grasso (who originally asked that bail be set at $20 million) claims they have audio recording of Lambesis making a deal with the undercover cop to kill his wife. The prosecutor further claimed that the singer passed an envelope containing cash and photographs of his wife to the undercover cop, plus her address and the gate codes to gain access to her home.

More details about the case will likely be revealed during today’s new hearing, slated for 1:30 pm PST.

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