June 21, 2024 Release Highlights:

Sheppard, Zora (Empire of Song):
Not metal, but this Australian indie-pop band of siblings is releasing their fourth studio effort and their infectious, upbeat music is well worth a listen. 

O., WeirdOs (Speedy Wunderground):
Releasing their debut full-length, the duo describes the sound of it as “a dark, heavy album based around our love of riffy basslines, blast beats, dub, noise, and all the weird sounds in between.”

earthtone9, In Resonance Nexus (Candlelight):
The British band releases their first album in 11 years, saying that the group has finally found themselves again and that this work is “the absolute distillation of what we do.” 

The Ghost Next Door, Classic Songs About Death and Dismemberment (Ripple Music):
Said the band about their third studio effort, “I feel this album is a bit more progressive and varied. Somewhat adventurous, yet more cohesive. Lyrically, I explore themes of death, destruction and human villainy as always. Man’s scorched earth policy, if you will.”

Joe Gittleman, Hold Up (Bad Time):
The former Mighty Mighty Bosstones bassist releases his debut solo album, which features guest appearances from members of Bad Operation, Big D And The Kids Table and more. 

Kittie, Fire (Sumerian):
The Canadian heavy metal band release their first album in 13 years, saying of the occasion, “It feels like something deeper than fate that’s brought us together again, allowing us to create something fearless and magical for you.” 

The Story So Far, I Want to Disappear (Pure Noise):
The pop-punk band waited six years to release their fifth studio effort, taking the time to make the album the way they wanted to make it. 

The Used, MEDZ (Big Noise):
The post-hardcore band releases an album of B-sides written during the sessions of 2023’s Toxic Positivity

Wage War, Stigma (Fearless):
The metalcore band said of their upcoming fifth studio album, “We took the elements that we loved from our past discography and turned it all the way up. The message: You’re either in or you’re in the way.” 

June 21, 2024 Releases:

Alcest, Les Chants De L’Aurore (Nuclear Blast)
King Bastard, From Whence They Came (Independent)
POND, Stung! (Spinning Top)
SUMAC, The Healer (Thrill Jockey)
Wild Yaks, Monumental Deeds (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
Cavalera, Schizophrenia (Nuclear Blast)
The Dangerous Summer, Gravity (Rude)
Foreign Hands, What’s Left Unsaid (SharpTone)
Hyperdontia, Harvest Of Malevolence (Dark Descent)
Kvaen, The Formless Fires (Metal Blade)
Portrait, The Host (Metal Blade)
Replacire, The Center That Cannot Hold (Season Of Mist)
Seven Spires, A Fortress Called Home (Frontiers)
Codex Mortis, Tales of Woe (Black Lion)
Construct of Lethe, A Kindness Dealt in Venom (Transcending Obscurity)
Gorgatron, Sentience Revoked (Redefining Darkness)
Aseethe, The Cost (Thrill Jockey)
Horseburner, Voice of Storms (Blues Funeral Recordings)
Anthropophagus Depravity, Demonic Paradise (Comatose Music)
Rendezvous Point, Dream Chaser (Long Branch)
Primordial Serpent, Triumphant Son of Darkness (Masters of Kaos Productions)
Dezperadoz, Moonshiner (El Puerto)
Rifflord, 39 Serpent Power (Ripple Music)
Sarke, Endo Feight (Soulseller)
Inherits the Void, Scars of Yesteryears (Avantgarde Music)
Aussichtslos, Schicksalstotschlag (Purity Through Fire)
Blóð, Mara (Talheim Records Germany)
Abysmal Winds, Magna Pestilencia (I Hate)
Seventh Dimension, Of Hope & Ordeals (Corrupted)
Derelict, Versus Entropy (Independent)
Wizzerd, Kronia (Fuzzorama)
Mylingen, Under en svart himmel (Independent)
Myronath, Inferno (Dusktone)
Cainites, Revenant (Scarlet)
Mechanyzed, Ivy King (Independent)
Grimoire, Lovehunt (Independent)
Escalation, Ruins of the Falling World (Via Nocturna)
Grim Colossus, Descent into Madness (Independent)
Shadow Witch, Eschaton (The End of All Things) (Argonauta)
Morbid, Necrotic Fairytales (Independent)
Ov Shadows, Heresiarch (Hypnotic Dirge)

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