New & Noteworthy is Metal Insider’s weekly column highlighting some of the newest rock and metal releases coming out each week. Albums hitting shelves this week include the return of The Libertines, the final album from Cock Sparrer and the debut solo LP from Kobra Paige, as well as new works from the likes of The Black Keys, Drahla, ERRA, Bayside, Vampire Weekend, Old 97’s and many, many more. Don’t forget to check out our weekly playlist below. Enjoy!

Release Highlights:

The Libertines, All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade (Casablanca/Republic):
The UK garage rockers return for their fourth album and first in nine years. It finds the band really connecting with each other, with all the band members being listed as writers for the first time.

The Black Keys, Ohio Players (Nonesuch/Warner):
For their 12th studio effort, the duo wanted to create “something that most bands 20 years into their career don’t make, which is an approachable, fun record that is also cool.”

Cock Sparrer, Hand on Heart (Cherry Red):
The OG UK punks release their eighth and final album, which is said to continue their “iconic, anthemic sound,” but with “a few surprises.”
Drahla, angeltape (Captured Tracks): Informed by the band’s experiences following their debut album, their sophomore release is described as having “a sound that is considerably darker and tonally more complex and conceptual in its essence” and deals with “themes of grief and trauma whilst simultaneously celebrating moments of sentimentality and support during difficult times.”

Erra, Cure (UNFD):
According to Kerrang!, the band’s sixth studio effort “showcases the sonic power of metalcore when the genre is executed with due care and craft.”

April 5, 2024 Releases: 

Vampire Weekend, Only God Was Above Us (Columbia)
Bayside, There Are Worse Things Than Being Alive (Hopeless)
Old 97’s, American Primitive (ATO)
Temperance, Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2 (Orchestral Edition) (Napalm Records)
Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Apotheosis (Ripple)
Alpha Wolf, Half Living Things (Greyscale/SharpTone)
Blacktop Mojo, Pollen (Independent)
Friends Of Hell, God Damned You To Hell (Rise Above)
Horndal, Head Hammer Man (Prosthetic)
Ingested, The Tide Of Death And Fractured Dreams (Metal Blade)
Iron Monkey, Spleen & Goad (Relapse)
Korpiklaani, Rankarumpu (Nuclear Blast)
Locrian, End Terrain (Profound Lore)
White Dog, Double Dog Dare (Rise Above)
Witch Vomit, Funeral Sanctum (20 Buck Spin)
Attic, Return of the Witchfinder (Ván Records)
Pectora, Twilight Knights (Independent)
Jet Engine Dragons, Ronin (Independent)
Austere, Beneath the Threshold (Prophecy Productions)
Acid Mammoth, Supersonic Megafauna Collision (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Lost in Grey, Odyssey into the Grey (El Puerto Records)
Cistvaen, At Light’s Demise (Independent)
Orecus, Dreadnought (Violent Groove Music Group)
The Monolith Deathcult, The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men (Human Detonator Records)
Wrektomb, Bovine Mockeries of Human Posturing (Personal Records)
Hour of Penance, Devotion (Agonia Records)
Brutalism, Solace in Absurdity (Comatose Music)
Ildganger, For hver tanke mister sjælen atter farve (Death Prayer Records)
Belore, Eastern Tales (Northern Silence Productions)
Destroyer of Light, Degradation Years (Independent)
Ischemic, Condemned to the Breaking Wheel (Independent)
Sinthetik Sentienz, Aeon of the Machine (Independent)
Arania, Whispering Embers (Independent)
Venomous Echoes, Split Formations and Infinite Mania (I, Voidhanger Records)
Evolucija, The World Is Full of Wrath (7hard)
Aristarchos, Martyr of Star and Fire (Vendetta Records)
Symakya, Project 11: The Landing (WormHoleDeath)
Celtian, Secretos de amor y muerte (Maldito Records)
Trocar, Extremities (Selfmadegod Records)
Bilwis, Hameln (Northern Silence Productions)
Wretched Death, Democide (Independent)
Hardraw, Abyss of Mankind (Pitch Black Records)
Gravkväde, Prolog (Independent)
Funeral Leech, The Illusion of Time (Carbonized Records)
Vnder a Crvmbling Moon, II: Aging & Formless (Ripcord Records)
The Lifted Veil, Genocidal Bliss of Heaven (Grind to Death Records)
Cleansing, Throne of Misery (Independent)
Folkrim, Embers (Rockshots Records)
Spider Kickers, Necrosupper (Sleaszy Rider Records)
Sagenbringer, Zeit der Geschichten (Independent)
Furze, Caw Entrance (Devoted Art Propaganda)
Abominy, Abominy (Final Apocalyptic Record)
Protosequence, Bestiary (Lacerated Enemy Records)
Flegma, Dead Angels Abyss (De:Nihil Records)
Gone til Winter, Hiding from the Sun (Independent)

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