Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine: Alexisonfire’s Wade MacNeil working his way through Matty Matheson’s cookbook

Posted by on May 18, 2020


Metal Inside(r) Home Quarantine is Metal Insider’s new column during this time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked artists five questions on what’s been keeping them busy ranging from their favorite movies, food they’ve been eating, music they’ve been listening to and more. We caught up with Alexisonfire guitarist Wade MacNeil as he’s been spending this time going through Matty Matheson’s cookbook. 


What have you been doing to pass time during Quarantine?

When I’m not learning how to play Danzig songs, I’m meditating or reading.


Have you been listening to any music or have any playlists worth checking out?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Miles Davis. His album Black Magus is currently blowing my mind. As for heavier stuff, I made a playlist called ‘Isolation Sounds’ with my dudes from Gallows and it’s up on our Spotify. 


A lot of people have been spending this time cooking including making their own bread, what food have you been prepping during this time?

I’m working my way through the Matty Matheson cookbook. Made his green olive salad dressing last night and it was really good. 


In terms of entertainment, what movies, TV shows, books, or games have been keeping you busy?

I just watched the first season of “What We Do in the Shadows” last week. I really loved it. Also the Stooges documentary “Gimme Danger” was great. I’m reading the book Polishing the Mirror by Ram Das right now and turning into a hippy. 


Alexisonfire unveiled a fan-driven music video for the song “Season of the Flood.” Watch the clip below:


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