Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week. We’re back! The best way to return is with Metal By Numbers! Here are the notable debuts and sales from April 21st through May 26th. 


May 26, 2023 Releases:


Notable Debuts:


Artist/Album: Metal Church, Congregation Of Annihilation (Rat Pak Records)

Debut #: 19

Sold: 4625





Artist/Album: Immortal, War Against All (Nuclear Blast)

Debut #: 31

Sold: 2300






Artist/Album: Incendiary, Change The Way You Think About Pain (Closed Casket Activities)

Debut #: 32

Sold: 2250





Artist/Album: Cloak, Black Flame Eternal (Season of Mist)

Debut #: 115

Sold: 530






Artist/Album: Vomitory, All Heads Are Gonna Roll (Metal Blade)

Debut #: 130

Sold: 475






Artist/Album: Sirenia, 1977 (Napalm Records)

Debut #: 184

Sold: 350






Artist/Album: Arrival Of Autumn, Kingdom Undone (Nuclear Blast)

Sold: 100





Notable Sales:


Artist/Album: Ghost, Phantomine (Loma Vista Recordings)

#: 14

Sold: 5175






Artist/Album: Metallica, 72 Seasons (Blackened Recordings)

#: 20

Sold: 4600






Artist/Album: Sleep Token, Take Me Back To Eden (SpineFarm)

#: 22

Sold: 4,000






Artist/Album: Fall Out Boy, So Much (For) Stardust (WEA/Fueled by Ramen)

#: 60

Sold: 1175





Artist/Album: Ghost, Impera (Loma Vista)

#: 82

Sold: 775






Artist/Album: Depeche Mode, Memento Mori (Columbia)

#: 90

Sold: 675






Artist/Album: Cattle Decapitation, Terrasite (Metal Blade)

#: 94

Sold: 650






Artist/Album: Foo Fighters, The Essential Foo Fighters (RCA)

#: 99

Sold: 615






Artist/Album: Pierce The Veil, The Jaws Of Life (Fearless Records)

#: 101

Sold: 600






Artist/Album: Smashing Pumpkins, Atum (Martha’s Music)

#: 110

Sold: 550






Artist/Album: Godsmack, Lighting Up The Sky (BMG)

#: 120

Sold: 525






Artist/Album: Ozzy Osbourne, Patient Number 9 (Epic)

#: 130

Sold: 475






Artist/Album: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Return Of The Dream Canteen (Warner)


Sold: 450






Artist/Album: Disturbed, Divisive (Warner)

#: 159

Sold: 400






Artist/Album: Overkill, Scorched (Nuclear Blast)

#: 165

Sold: 380






Artist/Album: Bad Omens, The Death Of Peace Of Mind (Sumerian)

#: 168

Sold: 375






Artist/Album: Shinedown, Planet Zero (Atlantic)

#: 175

Sold: 355






Artist/Album: Amity Affliction, Not Without My Ghosts (Pure Noise Records)

#: 193

Sold: 325





Artist/Album: Currents, Death We Seek (Sharptone)

Sold: 205







Artist/Album: VNV Nation, Electric Sun (Metropolis Records)

Sold: 200







Artist/Album: The Damned, Darkadelic (earMusic)

Sold: 175







Artist/Album: Enforced, War Remains (Century Media)

Sold: 150







Artist/Album: Dave Lombardo, Rites Of Percussion (Ipecac Recordings)

Sold: 145






Artist/Album: Thulcandra, Hail The Abyss (Napalm Records)

Sold: 125







Artist/Album: Archetypes Collide, Archetypes Collide (Fearless Records)

Sold: 115






Artist/Album: Burning Witches, The Dark Tower (Napalm Records)

Sold: 110







Artist/Album: Knocked Loose, A Tear In The Fabric Of Life (Pure Noise)

Sold: 110