Metal By Numbers 6/30: I fear this is farewell

Posted by on June 30, 2021

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

Readers and friends, I regret to inform you that today’s edition of Metal By Numbers will be my last. After 9 years of pouring over the charts every week, the time has come for me to move on. I did not make this decision lightly and its hard for me to give up something that has been a fixture of my weekly life for so long, but it had to be done. I’m spinning a lot of plates at the moment, and I decided that I had to put one of them down and, unfortunately, MBN was the one that had to go.

But there is good news. First, I’m not leaving Metal Insider entirely. I’ll still chime in on “Headbanger’s Brawl” and contribute when I’m able and when the end of the year comes around I’ll share my favorite albums. Secondly, MBN is not going away. Instead, I’ll be passing the baton to Chris Annunziata. Be patient with Chris as he takes up the column: it’s a time consuming process and it takes a while to get used to how everything works.

Thanks so much for reading, letting me know when I missed a band, and letting me get up on my soapbox every now and again on this little corner of the heavy metal Internet. I’ll see you around.


Notable Debuts:

Fear Factory, Aggression Continuum (Nuclear Blast)
Debut #12
5,225 sold

Fear Factory’s tenth album is its first in 6 years. It charted higher than the previous album.





Helloween, Helloween (Nuclear Blast)
Debut #35
2,675 sold

This is the band’s sixteenth studio album and first in six years.





Heavy Temple, Lupi Amoris (Magnetic Eye)
380 sold

This the band’s debut album.






Alustrium, A Monument To Silence (Unique Leader)
210 sold

I saw this band play as a local opener for Revocation and The Faceless back in 2011, so it’s cool to see them on the charts.





Crobot, Rat Child(Mascot)
170 sold

This is the band’s third EP.






Tom Morello & The Bloody Beetroots, The Catastrophists (Comandante LLC)
160 sold

This is a collaborative EP featuring guest spots from members of Pussy Riot and Savages.






Chalice of Sin, Chalice of Sin (Frontiers)
140 sold

This is a new project led by Wade Black (Crimson Glory, Seven Witches)






Witch Vomit, Abhorrent Rapture (20 Buck Spin)
130 sold

This EP is a followup to the band’s 2019 full length.






Notable Sales:

Mammoth WvH, Mammoth WvH (Ex1)
#10 (from 2)
5,475 sold

A 82% second week drop.





Greta Van Fleet, The Battle At Garden’s Gate (Lava/Republic Records)
#45 (from #62)
2,150 sold

A tiny 1% drop.





Foo Fighters, Medicine At Midnight(Roswell)
#64 (from 108)
1,675 sold

A 11% boost.





AC/DC, Power Up(Columbia)
#73 (from 121)
1,325 sold

A 3% boost.





Gojira, Fortitude (Roadrunner)
#78 (from 101)
1,225 sold

A 16% drop.





Rise Against, Nowhere Generation (Loma Vista)
#80 (from 92)
1,225 sold

A 41% drop.





KISS, KISS Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001 (UMe)
#84 (from 19)
1,125 sold

A 84% drop in week two.





AFI, Bodies(Rise)
#88 (from 24)
1,100 sold

I missed this last week. It debuted at #24 with over 5,000 sold.





Rage Against The Machine, The Battle of Mexico City(Sony)
#108 (from 10)
910 sold

This Record Store Day rerelease debuted last week





The Pretty Reckless, Death By Rock And Roll (Fearless Records)
#130 (from 197)
740 sold

A 15% boost.





Evanescence, The Bitter Truth (BMG)
#130 (from 168)
740 sold

A 20% drop.





King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, L.W.(KGLW)
#135 (from 156)
720 sold

A 32% drop.





Royal Blood, Typhoons (Imperial Galactic/Warner Records)
#149 (from 188)
660 sold

A 7% boost.





Red Fang, Arrows(Relapse)
#164 (from 183)
570 sold

A 27% drop.





Metallica & The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2(Blackened)
#189 (re-entry)
510 sold

A 11% boost back.





Rob Zombie, The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast)
#198 (re-entry)
490 sold

A 9% boost back up.





Chevelle, NIRATIAS (Epic)
#200 (re-entry)
490 sold

Back on the charts despite a 8% drop.





Perturbator, Lustful Sacraments(Blood Music)
380 sold

A 480% boost back up.






Crypta, Echoes Of The Soul(Napalm)
360 sold

A 71% drop in week two.






Flotsam And Jetsam, Blood In The Water (AFM)
340 sold

A 44% drop.






Go Ahead And Die, Go Ahead And Die (Nuclear Blast)
240 sold

A 78% drop in week two.






Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle, The Helm of Sorrow(Sacred Bones)
230 sold

This gets boosted back up for the first time since May by 480%.






Fiddlehead, Between The Richness (Run For Cover)
220 sold

A 48% drop.






Paul Gilbert, Werewolves of Portland(The Players Club)
200 sold

A 69% drop.






Goblin, Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (1979-2001)(AMS)
200 sold

A 61% drop.






Neon Christ, 1984 (Southern Lord)
200 sold

A 83% drop.






Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Tension Experiment 3 (Inside Out)
170 sold

A 38% drop.






Smith/Kotzen, Smith/Kotzen(BMG)
140 sold

A 3% boost.






Poppy, I Disagree(Sumerian)
140 sold

A 37% drop.






The Dead Daisies, Holy Ground (SPV)
120 sold

A 37% boost.






Epica, Omega (Nuclear Blast)
120 sold

A 28% boost back up.






Burning Witches, The Witch Of The North (Nuclear Blast)
120 sold

A 52% drop.

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