Metal By Numbers 4/27: The charts board the Enterprise

Posted by on April 27, 2017

Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.
We’re still operating with only partial information for the charts, but this week didn’t have any huge debuts anyway, at least relative to the past few weeks. However, I did come across an interesting bit of info: a list comparing overall sales numbers for each studio album from the Big Four. Not everything on the list is surprising (Metallica has sold the most records by far), but did you know that Slayer’s Seasons In The Abyss is their best selling album? It’s sitting at over 813,000 sold with Reign In Blood coming in second with over 766,000 sold. Just a little fun fact for your day.
Notable Debuts: 
Enterprise Earth, Embodiment (Stay Sick)
2,000 sold
This is the band’s second full-length studio album.
Richie Kotzen, Salting Earth (CD Baby)
1,100 sold
This is Kotzen’s (who’s also part of The Winery Dogs and played in Poison for a minute) 19th solo album.
The Dead Rabbits, This Emptiness (Tragic Hero)
500 sold
This is the Phoenix, Arizona band’s second LP.
Novembers Doom, Hamartia (The End)
500 sold
The band’s tenth album is also the first album to feature the same lineup on two consecutive albums, according to the album’s Wikipedia page.
Nightbringer, Terra Damnata (Season Of Mist)
This is the American black metal band’s fifth LP.
Russian Circles, Live at Dunk!Fest 2016 (Sargent House)
200 sold
This is the band’s first live album.
Loathe, The Cold Sun (Sharptone)
This is the UK band’s debut album.
Notable Sales:

metallicahardwiredMetallica, Hardwired… to Self-Destruct (Blackened)
9,250 sold

A 61% drop with just under 920,000 sold.





Mastodon, Emperor of Sand (Reprise)
4,800 sold
A 36% drop, but the band’s current tour should keep it on the charts.
Falling In Reverse, Coming Home (Epitaph)
3,500 sold

An 82% drop in week two finds them falling in not reverse.



I Prevail - LifelinesI Prevail, Lifelines (Fearless)
2,100 sold

A 24% boost with over 70,000 sold.






Deep Purple, inFinite (earMusic)
2,000 sold

A second week drop of 70%.






skilletunleashedcdSkillet, Unleashed (Atlantic)
1,300 sold

A slight drop of 10%.


Demon Hunter, Outlive (Solid State)
900 sold
A 53% drop.
Body Count, Bloodlust (Century Media)
650 sold
Not lusting after a 57% drop.

through fire breathThrough Fire, Breathe (Sumerian)
600 sold

This sold about the same this week as last week.





Ice Nine Kills, Every Trick In The Book (Fearless)
400 sold

A boost of 25% with just under 30,000 sold.






Pallbearer, Heartless (Profound Lore)
400 sold
A 43% second drop.

The Obsessed, Sacred (Relapse)
4001,200 sold

A 67% second week drop.





Art of Anarchy, The Madness (Century Media)
350 sold
An artful 13% drop

Royal Thunder, WICK (Spinefarm)
300 sold

A 76% drop in week two.






Warbringer, Woe To The Vanquished (Napalm Records)
500 sold
Woe, a 60% drop.


Power Trip, Nightmare Logic (Southern Lord)
200 sold
A 75% drop.
Kreator, Gods of Violence (Nuclear Blast)
250 sold
A 20% drop.
Fit for an Autopsy, The Great Collapse (eOne)
200 sold
This sold about the same as last week.
Palisades, Palisades (Rise)
200 sold
Another 13% drop.
Arch Enemy, As The Stages Burn: Live at Wacken 2016 (Century Media)
150 sold
A 63% drop burns.

Wear Your Wounds, WYW (Deathwish)
150 sold

A second week 81% drop.


Dead By April, Worlds Collide (Spinefarm)
150 sold

With an 86% drop in week two, this could be off the charts by the end of April.



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