acefrehleyorigins1cdMetal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

There are two things about reading the charts that make me depressed: 1. Seeing that people are still buying Kidz Bop, and 2. Seeing a dead musician’s record sales soar. And it’s been too short a time since I last observed the former. I know you all probably get too much of the “2016 blows” or “why is everyone dying” already, so I won’t bring that in here. But if Ace Frehley or any of his former bandmates end up kicking the bucket tomorrow, this week, or anytime this year I’ll just have to assume no one is safe and chalk up 2016 to a wash. Prince has the #1 and #2 best-selling albums with very Best of Prince and Purple Rain, which sold 162,000 albums cumulatively – all within one day of his death.


Notable Debuts:

Ace Frehley, Origins Vol. 1 (eOne) #6, 15,825 sold

This doesn’t sell as much as Space Invaderbut it’s the highest charting album from Frehley or any other solo KISS member to date.


Otep, Generation Doom (Napalm) #32, 5,825 sold

Otep’s seventh album manages to outdo it predecessor.


Metallica, Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Metallica! – Live at Le Bataclan (Blackened) #86, 2,800 sold

As ambassadors of Record Store Day, Metallica released a live album recorded all the way back in 2003.


Surgical Meth Machine, Surgical Meth Machine (Nuclear Blast) #198, 1,525 sold

The latest project from Al Jourgensen after stating that he is (allegedly) done with new Ministry albums.

The Zenith Passage, Solipsist (Unique Leader) 720 sold

The latest tech death act features Justin McKinney, one of the new additions to The Faceless.


Mantar, Ode To The Flame (Nuclear Blast) 290 sold

This is the German sludge band’s second album.


Artillery, Penalty by Perception (Metal Blade) 290 sold

Album eight from the Danish thrash band.



Notable Sales:

Deftones, Gore (Reprise) #14, 11,475 sold

This has a better second week than most, dropping by 83% but sticking to the top 15.



Disturbed, Immortalized (Reprise) #19, 8,515 sold

Sales have barely changed for this since last week.


Zakk Wylde, Book of Shadows II (eOne) #62, 3,750 sold

A 79% drop in week two.


Five Finger Death Punch, Got Your Six (Prospect Park) #69, 3,325 sold

This gets boosted by 20%. Also, apparently the band is having some legal issues.


Amon Amarth, Jomsviking (Metal Blade) #84, 2,900 sold

The Gods don’t favor an 8% drop.


Babymetal, Metal Resistance (RAL) #100, 2,550 sold

A 37% drop, but I’m sure there’s a few Otaku’s that haven’t picked up the album yet.


Shinedown, Threat To Survival (Atlantic) #102, 2,475 sold

A 5% drop isn’t too threatening.


Asking Alexandria, The Black (Sumerian) #108, 2,325 sold

This has sold just under 40,000 total.


Megadeth, Dystopia (Tradecraft/UMe) #112, 2,275 sold

A slight drop of 4%.


Killswitch Engage, Incarnate (Roadrunner) #125, 2,075 sold

Engaging a 12% drop.


Black Stone Cherry, Kentucky (Mascot) #154, 1,800 sold

This drops like a (black) stone by 42%.


Anthrax, For All Kings (Megaforce) #200, 1,500 sold

This is sitting at the bottom of the charts after eight weeks, but it’s sold over 57,000 copies.


Erra, Drift (Sumerian) #28, 1,125 sold

This took a 82% tumble in week two.


Mike & The Melvins, Three Men & a Baby (Sub Pop)  380 sold

A 35% drop.


Ihsahn, Arktis (Candlelight) 360 sold

A 63% drop in week two.


Red Sun Rising, Polyester Zeal (Razor & Tie) 330 sold

Yet another tiny boost of 3%.


Abbath, Abbath (Season of Mist) 310 sold

A 23% drop, but this has had a pretty good run.


Last In Line, Heavy Crown (Frontiers) 280 sold

This sold about the same as last week.