Metal By Numbers 11/2: Korn don’t suffer on the charts

Posted by on November 2, 2016


Metal By Numbers is a weekly column in which we look at the top metal sellers and debuts of the week.

If this is truly a year where bands that got huge in the 90’s are making big comebacks (Green Day, Metallica), then Korn is the latest example of such a sentiment. They’ve always been a surefire bet in terms of album sales, but the more recent ones weren’t so well received. But people seemed to be pretty pumped about this new one, and considering it’s the band’s best debut in six years, I’ll buy into the idea something has definitely clicked for bands this year. There are three other metal albums in the top 10 as well and a few re-entries further down below.


Notable Debuts:

Korn, The Serenity of Suffering (Roadrunner)
Debut #3
54,575 sold

Korn nab their best debut since Korn III, outdoing their two previous albums in both sales and chart positions.



trans-siberian-orchestraTrans-Siberian Orchestra, The Ghosts of Christmas Eve (Rhino Atlantic)
Debut #6
26,450 sold

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a TSO album on the charts.





prettyrecklesswhoyousellingcd_0The Pretty Reckless, Who You Selling For (Razor & Tie)
Debut #8
21,675 sold

The band’s third album’s debut falls a bit short of its predecessor, but this is still a debut in the top 10.





I Prevail - LifelinesI Prevail, Lifelines (Fearless)
Debut #9
19,500 sold

The band’s first album lands in the top 10. Unlike their EP, this does not appear to have a Taylor Swift cover on it.





amaranthe - maximalismAmaranthe, Maximalism (Spinefarm)
Debut #56
3,925 sold

The band’s fourth album is their best debut yet.





wovenwarhonorisdeadWovenwar, Honor is Dead (Metal Blade)
Debut #63
3,475 sold

The band’s sophomore album doesn’t debut as high as its predecessor.



pantera - the great southern trendkillPantera, The Great Southern Trendkill (Rhino)
Debut #76
3,100 sold

This is technically not a “new” release, but the 20th Anniversary edition pushed this closer to officially being a million-seller (it’s at 968,000 and is likely already certified platinum).


the-last-ten-seconds-of-lifeThe Last Ten Seconds of Life, The Violent Sound (Siege)
1,100 sold

Hey, we posted an exclusive stream of this album a few weeks ago.






i-declare-warI Declare War, Songs for the Sick (Self-Released)
1,025 sold

The band’s sixth album was self-released and fully funded by the band members themselves.





riversideRiverside, Eye of the Soundscape (Inside Out)
640 sold

This is the band’s seventh album made up of older experimental pieces and their first without guitarist and founding member Piotr Grudzinski.





darke-complexDarke Complex, Point Oblivion (Spinefarm)
610 sold

Nu-metal revivalists? That’s what these guys are apparently.





khemmisKhemmis, Hunted (20 Buck Spin)
540 sold

The band’s second album comes a little over a year after their debut.





thrown-into-exileThrown Into Exile, Safe Inside (Urban Yeti)
540 sold

This is the band’s debut album.






poured-outPoured Out, To the Point of Death (Facedown)
320 sold

This is the debut album from this Christian metalcore band.






destrage - a means to no endDestrage, A Means to No End (Metal Blade)
220 sold

We put up a review of this album.





Notable Sales:

discipleDisciple, Long Live The Rebels (BEC)
#39 (from 105)
5,225 sold

Apparently, a couple of Disciple fans forgot a new Disciple album came out and so rushed out to get it.





skilletunleashedcdSkillet, Unleashed (Atlantic)
#77 (from 61)
2,950 sold

Only a 5% drop.





disturbed_ immortalized__album_cover_2015

Disturbed, Immortalized (Reprise)
#81 (from 81)
2,750 sold

A 5% boost puts this over 500,000 sold.





Alter bridge the last heroAlter Bridge, The Last Hero (Self-released)
#97 (from 46)
2,375 sold

A 43% drop.





dillingerdissociationThe Dillinger Escape Plan, Dissociation (Party Smasher Inc.)
#107 (from 8)
2,225 sold

An 82% second week drop.





meshuggahviolentsleepMeshuggah, The Violent Sleep of Reason (Nuclear Blast)
#112 (from 51)
2,200 sold

A 42% drop for no good reason.





ffdprsdFive Finger Death Punch, Got Your Six (Prospect Park)
#119 (from 116)
2,075 sold

60 weeks on with over 400,000 sold.





dance_gavin_dance_-_mothershipDance Gavin Dance, Mothership (Rise)
#126 (from 74)
1,900 sold

We can’t dance around a 30% drop.





a-day-to-rememberA Day To Remember, Bad Vibrations (ADTR)
#151 (from 133)
1,600 sold

A 6% drop with over 90,000 sold.





ghost-popestar-300x300Ghost, Popestar (Lorna Vista)
#156 (from 148)
1,550 sold

A tiny drop of 3%.





opethsorceressOpeth, Sorceress (Nuclear Blast)
#168 (from 108)
1,450 sold

A 29% drop.





megadethdystopiacoverMegadeth, Dystopia (UMe)
#171 (re-entry)
1,450 sold

This re-enters the charts once again after a 95% boost.





shinedown - threat to survivalShinedown, Threat To Survival (Atlantic)
#174 (re-entry)
1,425 sold

This also re-enters the charts after a 27% boost.





RobzombieelectricRob Zombie, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (UMe)
#190 (re-entry)
1,300 sold

Oh hey, another re-entry, this time for Mr. Zombie.





volbeat_sealthedealVolbeat, Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie (Universal)
#192 (from 178)
1,275 sold

This sold the same amount as last week and has been on the charts for 20 weeks.





geminisyndromemementomoriGemini Syndrome, Memento Mori (Another Century)
740 sold

A huge boost puts this over 10,000 sold.






darkthrone-artic-thunderDarkthrone, Arctic Thunder (Peaceville)
640 sold

A 55% drop.






infant annihilatorInfant Annihilator, The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch (Self-Released)
480 sold

This gets boosted back onto the charts.





epicaholographicEpica, The Holographic Principle (Nuclear Blast)
440 sold

Turned down to 11%.





Sonata Arctica - The Ninth HourSonata Arctica, The Ninth Hour (Nuclear Blast)
360 sold

A 22% drop.






kyng-breathe-in-the-waterKyng, Breathe In The Water (Razor & Tie)
360 sold

A 25% drop of water.






stitchedupheartStitched Up Heart, Never Alone (Another Century)
260 sold

A boost back up by 73%.





alcestkodamaAlcest, Kodama (Prophecy)
260 sold

A 23% drop. Might get some touring sales next year though.






oathbreakerOathbreaker, Rheia (Deathwish)
250 sold

A 22% drop.





RSR_PZ_2400_REVRed Sun Rising, Polyester Zeal (Razor & Tie)
250 sold

An 8% boost brings this up again after dropping off.

giraffe-tongue-orchestraGiraffe Tongue Orchestra, Broken Lines (Cooking Vinyl)
250 sold

This stuck its neck out for a 24% drop.






letters-from-the-fireLetters From The Fire, Worth the Pain (Sand Hill)
250 sold

Is a 16% drop worth it?






neurosisfireswithinfiresNeurosis, Fires Within Fires (Neurot)
250 sold

Yo dawg, we heard you like fires. So Neurosis put fires in your fires so it can burn while it burns.


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