Last week, we learned that Josh Homme would be making a guest appearance on Hell Comes To Your Heart, the new release from Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator. The collaboration between the formerly estranged Queens Of The Stone Age/Kyuss bandmates was a strong indicator of which side Oliveri took in the Kyuss Lives! legal battle. Well, that was until we discovered who else will be appearing on the album. As it turns out, not only did Kyuss frontman John Garcia also record a guest appearance, but also sang on the same Mondo Generator track called “The Last Train.”

It’s safe to say that Garcia’s contribution to “The Last Train” was recorded prior to Oliveri’s departure from the revamped Kyuss. Whether the singer recorded his parts in Homme’s Pink Duck Studios (where the rest of the album was recorded) is unknown, but also unlikely given their current legal battle over Kyuss’ name. Either way, you can listen to the song “The Last Train” in the video after the jump (at least until it gets taken down), while Mondo Generator’s latest effort Hell Comes To Your Heart is available via CD Baby and iTunes.