When it was revealed that Josh Homme and Scott Reeder were suing John Garcia and Brant Bjork over the name Kyuss, we were surprised that bassist Nick Oliveri wasn’t named in the lawsuit. Granted, Oliveri has his own legal issues to deal with. But the bassist was still one of the original members to take part in the formation of Kyuss Lives! As it turns out, though, the key word might very well be “was.”

In an exclusive interview with Antiquiet, Oliveri confirms that he has quit the current incarnation of Kyuss Lives! The bassist admits that he is also torn between both sides of the lawsuit (Homme/Reeder vs. Kyuss Lives!). While he still has to appear in court for charges surrounding the now infamous S.W.A.T. team standoff (which he just pleaded not guilty to), Oliveri says he will re-focus on his own group Mondo Generator.

At this moment, Kyuss Lives! have yet to respond to our inquiries about Oliveri’s departure. And though this somewhat explains why Oliveri’s name was absent from the lawsuit over Kyuss’ name, it still leaves a lot of questions regarding the reformed group’s future unanswered. Their original press release stated that they plan to move forward with recording a new album, but Bjork admitted in an interview with us that Kyuss Lives! “wouldn’t work” without Oliveri or Reeder (who filled in numerous times last year). Yet here we are, with Oliveri exiting the group and Reeder likely not planning to return any time soon either.

While we wait for more information regarding the future of Kyuss Lives! to appear, you can watch Oliveri’s entire interview over at Antiquiet.