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Tommy Lee makes fun of Lars Ulrich on Twitter, keeps old feud alive

Posted by on September 23, 2015

The internet can be very creative when trying to make fun of something or someone and, a while ago, many used the trending “Straight Outta Compton” meme to do just that. While the meme got old really quick, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee took the chance to bring it back after playing with Metallica at Rock […]

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Scott Weiland VS. Heckler At NYC Show

Posted by on March 12, 2013

Hecklers can be handled both elegantly and not so elegantly. And if you happen to be a frontman who was recently given the boot by former bandmates, the last thing you probably want is someone being a jerkoff at your show. Last Saturday night (March 9) at Irving Plaza, Scott Weiland confronted a heckler during […]

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