The new Machine Head album Catharsis has been getting mixed reviews, from critics and fans alike. But one person in particular is definitely not a fan at all – their former bass player Adam Duce.

When Machine Head posted their new video for “Kaleidoscope “on Facebook, fans started discussion about their love or hatred for the new track. The conversation shifted to fans discussing how the band had changed after the departure of their old bass player Duce. Then Adam himself decided to join the conversation.

“Not that I’ve heard any of this fuckery, nor have I listened to one song written since I left as I couldn’t be bothered, but these outfits look GAY AF!!! In my opinion I stayed with this outfit one too many records as it were. I knew the narcissist was going to crash the ship just watching the way he approached Locust. “

I think we can rule out a reunion any time soon. Also unlikely: Duce picking up any awards from GLAAD for using the word “gay” as a pejorative. 

Machine Head started their new tour this week with several close to sold out shows and will be touring the rest of 2018. Catharsis is in stores now.