Hope you enjoyed seeing the U.K.’s Cradle Of Filth during the Creatures From the Black Abyss tour, because it may be one of the last times you see them in the States. Not because they’re breaking up or hate America. In fact, we’re sure they’d love to keep playing in the U.S., but apparently the government is making touring in the U.S. financially difficult for foreigners. In an interview with Artisan News Service, frontman Dani Filth claimed that the IRS’ extreme taxes are preventing many foreign bands from touring the U.S.

Filth claimed the following:

“The monetary problems everybody is going through [as part of the] worldwide recession has caught up with a lot of bands. There’s a lot of bands turning away from America, in fact now, ’cause the IRS are trying to get a 30 percent tax off everybody . . . It’s going to be lucky for people to see European bands from now on.”

In the interview, which can be seen in its entirety in the video above, Filth claims that Children Of Bodom are among many of the bands opting not to play in the States because of the extreme taxes. Even though America remains one of the top music markets, metal bands barely make enough money on the road as it is, and the recession isn’t helping ticket sales either. That, plus this “30 percent tax” that Filth explains, doesn’t make touring in the U.S. so attractive for bands traveling from different countries. Fingers crossed that this won’t affect too many of our favorite foreign bands from coming back to the States, though it sounds like it already has.