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Live Gig Review: Machine Head Slams the Hammer Down on Palladium Times Square on 2/10/24

Posted by on February 20, 2024

  Live Review by Ian Weber of Machine Head from Palladium Times Square in NYC on 2/10/2024 with photos captured by Eplixs from the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida on 2/15/2024.   Throughout the new year, as I was working in deep Williamsburg and planning out another year writing for Metal Insider, I thought, […]

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Concert Calendar (2/12-2/18): ‘eavy February. John 5, Municipal Waste, & more

Posted by on February 12, 2024

  ‘sup, ya’ll?! While looking ahead into February’s gig avalanche in preparation of fleshing out this always clutch concert calendar I am surprised to realize that we’re about half-way (holy fuck!) through this month. But hey, leave it to the first stacked week of 2024, to drop the ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day anvil on your skull. […]

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Concert Calendar (1/27-2/10): The Previews You Need – Fit for a King, Machine Head, & more

Posted by on January 27, 2024

  ‘sup, ya’ll?! Thanks for supporting your 100,000% favorite metal website and allowing Ian to assist you in finding out about events, gigs, and some parties. It’s gonna be wild and crazy times as we head into February. Hey, Ian listed a whole bunch of great new shows for you this week and next week […]

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Concert Calendar (1/10-1/21): A Twenty-Ton Metal Hammer. Tool, The Bunny The Bear, & more

Posted by on January 10, 2024

  2024, ya’ll! It feels real good to say ‘sup to my show-attending moshketeers again in this fresh new year. Fuck yeah, here we go. Back into the live music groove! Still a bit calm on concerts this month, as January often goes, but the shows are definitely gonna get staked towards the beginning of […]

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I(an) Had to Be There: My Top Five Gigs of 2023

Posted by on December 23, 2023

Everyone in metal in 2023 has memories of gigs and tours that will forever alter how they view a concert experience. Of the thirty-four events that I had the absolute pleasure of attending this year, sixteen of which yours truly covered for Metal Insider, these were the five that left me with one thought that […]

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Ian’s Ten Favorite Heffy Metal Albums of 2023

Posted by on December 21, 2023

  Dearest readers of Metal Insider, The end of another year is fast approaching, so it’s now time we highlighted a year of stellar releases. Maybe your top-whatever lists are already posted, or maybe you’re still formatting it. However, taking a look back can be great regardless of lists. Maybe you missed something the first […]

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Concert Calendar (12/20-12/31): Give and Receive Concert Tickets – Lorna Shore, Winter Nights, & more

Posted by on December 19, 2023

    Heavy holidays! Hope all of you who are reading this intro are getting ready for Santa’s arrival. And if you’re not, hey, at least you can dance the night away! This is it, ya’ll. My last directory of the year. Just five more shifts at work, then it’s time for a few shots […]

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Concert Calendar (12/05-12/10): Some Last Parties – Exodus, Marky Ramone, & more

Posted by on December 5, 2023

  Well, damn. Our hearts are rapidly pacing. We can’t tell if it’s because we’re ready for a new year of adventures, or if it’s because of… …COFFEE. So, what’s the plan, ya’ll? Luckily, Ian has already listed a lot of really solid shows happening as we ride along the holiday rush (see below) so […]

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Concert Calendar (11/28-12/03) : Dashing Into a Holidaze: Coven, Cattle Decapitation, & more

Posted by on November 28, 2023

  Hey, all. Well, hey now, 2023 was a little too good at delivering great tours (not that 2024 isn’t looking staked or anything), but I think 2023 has some surprises left in it. Here are some solid shows happening this concert-heavy week. The goodness was listed by Ian (total Adonis). Do it up. Concert […]

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Live Gig Review: Dying Fetus Delivers Unbridled Fury to Warsaw on 11/17/23

Posted by on November 22, 2023

  Well, you know. 2023 was a little too good at delivering great tours (not that 2024 is not already looking staked or anything), but I think this gig review *might* be my last for this year. Dying Fetus is a band I somehow miss when they come around, so when I saw they were […]

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