Ahab, Giant Squid discuss similar album art

Posted by on June 4, 2015

German doom band Ahab has a new album out this summer on Napalm Records; The Boats Of The Glen Carrig. Giant Squid, a fellow doom band from California, noticed that the album art resembled the cover of their 2009 album, The Ichthyologist, reissued on Translation Loss Records.

From the Giant Squid Facebook page:

“I love AHAB. One of my favorite bands going today. Divinity of Oceans is almost perfect and is one of the only albums from a band I’ve just spontaneously acclaimed out of the blue on this page. The Giant was great too, and I’m sure this new album will crush. And, as an illustrator, that album art is amazingly well done, truly beautiful. Except… eeesh, that sure reminds me of a cover of a certain landmark album by a certain band… Anyone else feeling me on this? Seems I’m not the only one calling it out in the comments. Eh, whatever I guess.”

There was enough buzz enough that Ahab replied with a statement:

“Quite some messaging going around with the guys of Giant Squid (a San Fransisco based band) about our album artwork. They thought, our cover artwork of “The Boats Of The Glen Carrig” is too close to the one of a re-issue of the Ichthyologist. Unfortunately we didn’t know the band or the cover. That being said: We still do not think there’s much more similarity than a hand being turned into a sea-animal (two different one’s btw).”

According to Giant Squid, the two bands have been talking:

“Been talking with AHAB, who say they, and the artist, we’re officially and completely unfamiliar with both Giant Squid, and the Ichthyologist. So there you go. Let’s chalk it up to crazy coincidence, kindred spirits thinking alike, if you will.”

For what it’s worth, Matt Bayles produced Giant Squid’s The Ichthyologist in 2009. He also produced Mastodon’s Leviathan back in 2004, which includes the song, “I Am Ahab.” Now that’s a coincidence!

Ahab’s The Boats of the Glen Carrig comes out August 28th, 2015.


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