UPDATE: Hatebreed Still Signed To E1 In The US, You Dummies

Posted by on June 22, 2009

hbThe Metal Insider tips inbox is flooded with “zOMG Hatebreed back on Roadrunner!” e-mails, after a number of reports broke out that the band would be returning to the label that released their last studio album, Supremacy, after an unceremonious (and as far as I remember, never really announced) departure.

Read closer, folks. They re-signed to Roadrunner outside of North America. This happens every time a band signs internationally with Roadrunner thanks to some poorly-worded headlines. The label has an extremely large international roster, as it generally makes more sense for a band to cover many countries with one label than sign with extremely small labels individually. Then a headline reads “X signs to Roadrunner” and people freak out.

They are still on E1, though that deal was for everything but a studio full-length: DVD, live record and covers album. So while it’s still possible the band could re-sign with Roadrunner domestically, I wouldn’t bet the house just yet.
E1 will now be releasing the new full length domestically as well.

Photo: Jazmin Millions on Flickr

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