Today in WTF: CBGB opening restaurant in Newark Airport

Posted by on December 21, 2015

cbgbnewark15When you think of CBGB’s, you think of a lot of things: The birthplace of punk rock in New York City, hardcore matinees, a forgettable film that came out a few years back, and of course, the Newark Liberty International Airport. Wait, what? Scratch that last one, but according to Gothamist, the infamous Bowery nightclub is reopening as a restaurant in Jersey’s biggest airport. The main question we have about CBGB resurrecting it’s brand after the club closed in 2006 following a 33-year run as one of rock’s most prized venues is WHY?!

Sure, the iconic CBGB logo and the rich history of music that came through it still has significance. And there are probably a lot of tourists that will pick up an overpriced CBGB shirt for relatives while flying into the New York area, but still. Even if they were going to open in an airport, why not one in the city that the club was located in at least? Grub Street suggests that the restaurant will serve “American fare in a fun envoronment recalling the legendary music venue.” Really? have they seen the toilet? Some of the delicacies that will be served at the restaurant include $9 deviled eggs, an $11.50 wedge salad and a $14 cheeseburger. The original venue didn’t serve food, just booze. But if the new place is going to serve delicacies, they might as well name them after some of the artists that played there. Here’s a few suggestions:

Blondie Brownies
Ramones’ Beat on the Bratwurst
Chicken Sick of it Allfredo
Gorilla Biscuits and Gravy
Chicken Cro-Magquettes
Television Marquee Moon Pies
Murphy’s Slaw

Word is that CBGB Lounge and Bar will be open before the end of the year, so if you’re flying into or out of Newark Airport, let us know how it is. And just in case you didn’t click on the link above, here’s what their bathrooms should absolutely look like.





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