Every Time I Die fan snuck in backstage, discussed band with Jordan Buckley

Posted by on December 16, 2015

Going backstage is overrated and some people don’t really know this. If there’s a chance for a fan to go back there, expecting to have a thoughtful and deep conversation with their favorite musicians, said fan will take it and will try his best to make his dreams come true. That seems to be what happened last night in Altanta, GA during an Every Time I Die show where an avid fan managed to pass security and went to the band’s dressing room expecting a cheering group of guys willing to talk to him, but instead found a naked guitarist.

Every Time I Die guitarist, Jordan Buckley, posted the hilarious exchange on his twitter and briefly summarizes what the conversation between him and the intrepid fan who got backstage during their stop at the Center Stage in Atlanta and you gotta give it to him for handling the situation on the way he did:


Only a big-time fan would go through the effort of sneaking backstage and have such memorable conversation, except for the fact that, as you may recall, singer Keith Buckley isn’t on the tour right now but Letlive’s singer Jason Butler is the one fronting the band. Little slip on that guy’s behalf but, surely, we assume he can discuss if that really was Keith or not with Jordan in the shower next time they’re in town.

[via theprp.com]

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