Fans showed up to Limp Bizkit’s show at a gas station… even though they knew it was a prank

Posted by on April 21, 2016

Limp Bizkit gas station prankYesterday, someone took the time to actually start a rumor that Limp Bizkit was playing a gas station in Dayton, OH on 4/20. Limp Bizkit themselves quickly made it clear that this was a hoax. Hell, even the mastermind behind the prank spoke to The Daily Beast. And the event page set up stated that it wasn’t even happening until 4/20 of next year. Yet apparently not everyone got the memo…

Dayton’s local FOX affiliate went to the Sunoco where the fake concert was said to take place (ironically the gas station was closed for the night), and witnessed a crowd of people “awaiting” Limp Bizkit playing a show. Apparently most in the crowd knew it was a hoax, but wanted to play along anyway (one guy was actually just trying to get gas but stuck around since he was glad the band was getting attention for this). Others, though, supposedly traveled long distances for a show they thought was actually going to happen.

The FOX affiliate’s on-air news report can be seen below. At the very least, it’s video proof that there are still people out there who unironically call themselves fans of Limp Bizkit. That, or the people of Dayton simply have a great sense of humor.


[via Stereogum]

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